It’s A New Year

when you hear the word NEW YEAR…

it must be connected to the resolution….hehehee yap here before i write many things about resolution…i would like to say:





2012 overview:

1. First of all i would like to thank God for the bless and the mercy, i am married in 2012…who do i marry with? *kasi tau gak yaaaaa……uhuy….

2. i am promotted…alhamdulillah…

3. i have my haura haifa gallery, it is my own online shop that sell all the HIJAB OUTFIT..u can the gallery trough FB by searching it on google

those are the achivements

and here are the resolutions for 2013

1. Resign from my current office or let say i am signing of from EY

2. Be with my lovely husband…where? is secret

3. Designing and make my own brand for Haura Haifa Gallery

4. Be a Writter

5. get my master degree

6. Having a cute baby girl…

and that’s all i wanna achieve in 2013…

May all the good things come and the bad one fade away…aamiin.


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